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Kotobee Publisher 2.14 Multilingual Full Serial

Kotobee Publisher 2.14 Multilingual
Kotobee Publisher 2.14 Multilingual

Kotobee Publisher is a desktop authoring software that lets you create and design visual interactive ebooks, which run on smart devices, web, and desktop Kotobee Publisher is a desktop authoring software that lets you create and design visual interactive ebooks, which run on smart devices, web, and desktop General Features of Kotobee PublisherEditable content from PDFHave the option of converting your PDF to page scans or to editable content. Editable content allows you to edit or delete text. Easily add interactive behavior to your page elements
Ebook interface languagesTranslate your ebook’s interface and layout to one of six different languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Turkish, or Arabic
Design optionsSkin your app with different designs. Use a template or modify one to come with a new skin. Our services team offers professional custom skins
Preview and emulationTest your pages and interactivity by previewing each page independently in our Kotobee Designer tool. Emulate the page on mobile or desktop
Modularize your appIf you fear the ebook size may rise above the limit of an online store’s restrictions, <strong>Kotobee publisher</strong> provides the option to split the content, and provide a lightweight app for you to upload to the store. Once the user runs the app,the rest of the content is downloaded
Component selectionYou are not obliged with our default tool set. Enable/disable each component in your ebook as you desire. Remove search, bookmarking, note-taking, and anything else
Preview a full version of your appBefore publishing your ebook, you may preview a full watermarked version of your app to see the final result beforehand. This prevents any accidental loss of your credits
Easy drag-drop interfaceInsert your video, images and media elements by dragging your files directly into the page. Select your objects and adjust their properties as you desire
Interactive elements in your pagesYou may download and interact with the following feature screens by downloading the Kotobee interactive user manual from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store or view it directly from the browserVideoAdd in-page video components, to play directly in the page, or in a large player. Select different behavior modes and add your own splash images
AudioAttach audio to regions of your page. Give your readers more elaborate details through audio. Once started, the audio would synchronize itself with the region’s dimensions
3DLet your users interact with real 3D objects. Kotobee uses the SEA3D file format. Create objects using SEA3D Studio or the 3ds Max Exporter plugin
Augmented RealityAdd more spice to 3D objects by activating them with your device camera using augmented reality technology. Upon the detection of a landmark image, the 3D object displays
Interactive animationsOpen a wide range of possibilities from interactive tests and applications to tutorials and games. For interactive animations, Flash file format (swf) is used. Multiple modes can be chosen for each animation
Mathematical formulasEasily write mathematical formulas and equations using an easy full-fledged interface. Guarantee the appearance on any device
Zoom regionsZoom regions present a way to emphasize certain parts of the page. Instead of zooming into the entire page, only a certain area is enlarged, after being re-rendered in high resolution
Selectable textOne of the outstanding features of Kotobee is interaction with real text. Select text, copy it to your clipboard, highlight segments, or even lookup certain words on Google or Wikipedia. A Highlights panel shows all highlighted text, linking to relative pages
Interactive motionAdd interactive motion effects to images, to respond when touched. Use this feature to create character-animating storybooks. Easily add jump, wiggle, drag, and movement effects. Specify durations of animations and even add your own sound effects
Galleries and slideshowsUtilize space and take advantage of galleries and slideshows to fit multiple images in compact areas. Swipe through galleries on mobile devices, or use navigational buttons on web and desktop
BookmarksLet your readers mark any page as a favorite and access it anytime from the bookmarks panel
Answer ButtonsAdd overlay buttons to let the user answer MCQ questions himself by tapping/clicking on the answer. An animated correct/incorrect symbol appears
Action ButtonsAdd interactive buttons that perform a certain action when clicked: jump the user to a certain page, or go to a certain web address
Swappable ImagesDisplay images that toggle to different images once clicked. A good application to this is hiding question answers, and displaying them upon the user’s will
Page Transition EffectsA better experience is given by the smooth interactive page flipping effect in portrait mode, or page sliding effect in landscape mode
Multiresolution imagesAn advanced feature of Kotobee is to replace an image with another once the page is zoomed. This can be a higher resolution version of the image, or an entirely different image
Note takingYour users will use your ebook app as a handy research tool, to take text/visual notes, bookmarks, and highlight sentences, all automatically saved to their devices. Draw a circle around anything on the page and it is automatically noted for you
Smart navigationKotobee provides different ways to navigate effectively. The flicker tool allows your reader to rapidly flick through the pages, jumping large sections, similar to flicking through a real book
SearchFind words or phrases throughout the whole book. All results are shown in a neat panel with thumbnails, linking to the relevant pages
ChaptersKotobee supports multiple nested chapters. Organize your ebook in an effective way for your reader
Whats New:Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.

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