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Ashampoo Photo Commander 16.0.0 + Crack

Ashampoo Photo Commander 16.0.0 DC 05.10.2017 Multilingual
Ashampoo Photo Commander 16.0.0 DC 05.10.2017 Multilingual

New Features:

– Facelift for GUI:
o All new Modern App-Menu
– As known in Apps and Websites.
– Easier to use.
– Shows often used commands to help user.
– The classic file menu is still available via Settings.
o Overhauled Wizard Interface
– Modern look, easier to cancel working operation.
o Other GUI Improvments
– Statusbar shows EXIF and Metadata always.
– Messagebox text bigger.

– Improved and New Wizards
o All Wizards: Supports dropping files in page 1 collect files window.
o NEW: PNG Optimizer: Optimizes existing PNG files without loss of quality.
o NEW: Panorama: Create great looking panoramas with up to 8 photos.
o UPDATE: Detect Copies: Improved detection, user can delete outdated copies of files.
o UPDATE: Find double photos: Delete duplicates.
o UPDATE: JPG Optimizer: Option to reset GPS Coordinates.
o UPDATE: Slideshow: 2K, 3K and 4K resolution, supports WMA/MP3 as background music,
new default fill style “best fit and fill rest”, auto fade-out at the end
of the slideshow, new sepia effect, new transition top-to-bottom, orientation
tag in JPG files used.
o UPDATE: Calendar: Can set start month.

– Browser
o 5-Star-Rating replaced by Favorite-Rating. Every miniature
can be set as favorite and marked with a star.
o Fileinformation may be scrolled with mouse wheel.
o Browser remembers last viewed file upon next start.#
o When? View: Splits dates into decades as more and more
users collect photos for more than 10 years now.
o Export Metadata (EXIF) of JPG files into a text file.
o Where? and When? View: Support checkmarks so the user
can individually collect different months and locations
to be viewed together.
o GroupView: fade in/out on expand/collaps, checkmark to
select all files in a group
o New status bar showing all files in the current folder
and all selected files with file sizes.

– Technical
o APNG animations (Load, save, create, extract).
o Better zoom routine for big photos.
o Better compiler optimizations for modern cpus.
o Quickfix: New Dehaze routine.

– Other Improvements
o More templates for greetings cards, frames, websites.
o 12 new color effects (“ColorKathi”).
o Settings Importer: import Geolocation addresses as well.
o Greeting Card Center:
– New great cards and frames.
– New collage and 3D transformation templates.
o Slideshow transitions: Smooth while loading next photo.
o Videoplaybar:
– All new bar shows duration and other funcktionality.
– Shows preview of video at current position when hovering with mouse
over trackbar.
o Scanning:
– Supports ADF-Scanning, so can scan multiple pages in a batch.
– Several pages may be saved in a single PDF file as well.


– Outdated capture functions replaced by additional free Snap Version.

Bugs Fixed:

– Direct2D crash with certain photos.
– PNG crash on save with certain files.
– JPG save wrong exif tag.

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