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Acoustica Premium Edition 7.0.24 + Keygen

Acoustica Premium Edition 7.0.24
Acoustica Premium Edition 7.0.24

WHATS NEW ON 7.0.24:
* Fixed: Rare crash when processing time-frequency regions with processors using fixed block sizes.
* Improved: Reduce hop size in filtering processor (better time resolution)
* Improved: Magic wand tool should look for highest peak around selection point
* Added: Multi-select in OS X file open dialogs
* Added: ID3 tag import (v1, v2.3 and v2.4)
* Fixed: Misaligned magic wand at very high zoom factors
* Fixed: Track list not updated in Cleaning Wizard when adding new tracks
* Fixed: Zoom bar not updated in Cleaning Wizard when adding new tracks
* Fixed: Recorded audio should be added at end of clip in Cleaning Wizard
* Fixed: Track split detection should only be performed the first time when recording audio in Cleaning Wizard
* Fixed: Misplaced anchors after inserting audio file
* Added: Remember last “Export Regions” folder
* Fixed: Anchors misplaced after saving regions to file or selection to file
* Fixed: Save command looses resolution setting after “Save as” command
* Fixed: Anchor placement shifts when working with mono files and automatic splice-declick activated
* Changed: Switch from “+” to arrow down symbol for tab window dropdown
* Fixed: Changed shortcuts for changing active document to Alt+Tab and Alt+Tab+Shift on Mac since Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab are consumed by OS X
* Fixed: Master and Aux volume controls have no effect in multitrack sessions
* Fixed: Labels added during record were placed at incorrect locations unless recording was inserted at start of clip
* Added: ID3 and VBR header support for MP3 export
* Fixed: Microsoft Pen — strange behaviour when selecting in one channel and then in another (selection brush)
* Fixed: Avoid zero sized view when using zoom tool
* Added: Shortcuts for spectral view selection modes
* Added: Sample format re-tagging in Convert Sample Format
* Added: Remember last multitrack session properties
* Fixed: Incorrect anchor shifts after overwrite paste
* Fixed: Overwrite paste requiring channel format conversion added silence if clipboard content was shorter than the selection
* Fixed: Drag & drap doesn’t work with de-selected channels
* Added: Persistent offline analyzer settings
* Fixed: Errors in EnvelopeEncoder causing misaligned waveforms in multitrack sessions
* Fixed: Incorrect time ruler in multitrack sessions for certain sample rates
* Fixed: FLAC encoder should default to 24 bit for 32 bit source files
* Added: “Save selection as” to the clip editor context menu
* Added: Remember last save chain / load chain directories
* Fixed: Contiguous channel selections with Ctrl allows complete channel de-selection
* Fixed: Incorrect parsing of application data chunk in AIFF decoder that prevented AIFF files from being loaded in rare cases.
* Fixed: Potential crash during playback when current playback position beyond end of playback range.
* Fixed: Continue playing after dragging playhead if originally playing
* Fixed: Loop indicators in multitrack sessions are drawn incorrectly when clip bounds are outside view bounds
* Fixed: Alt+click to select during playback in multitrack sessions
* Fixed: Shift + End / Home for empty selections
* Fixed: Incorrect pad length in WaveEncoder
* Changed: Moved “View Statistics” to Analysis menu
* Fixed: Add toggle in Preferences (“General”) for looped playback in Processing Chain
* Added: Click in time ruler should move play head
* Fixed: Zero line appears in other channel pane
* Added: Loop toggle button to toolbar
* Fixed: Random crash when adjusting loop range in clip editor while preview in the loop tuner
* Fixed: Error in loop crossfade functions
* Fixed: Exiting loop when clicking the mouse during playback.
* Fixed: The looped playback range should start at selection and not at the initial playhead position
* Added: Pressing alt key during playback allows selection (as when playback is stopped)
* Fixed: Auto-select all on empty selection in spectrogram, wavelet and spectral histogram analysis tools
* Added: Add file name and time range to analysis window titles
* Added: Add “P” shortcut for pause
* Added: Shift Home / End keyboard shortcuts should expand selection
* Fixed: Automatic Splice DeClick should be persistent.
* Fixed: Selection not updated delete command

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